Choosing Lingerie That Fits Your Body Type

Many people have the temptation to buy a sexy intimate undergarment to please their partner or spice up their sex life. However, to many women, lingerie can also make them extremely self-conscious, especially when they have some unflattering parts that they would rather not show. As a result, these women would rather skip buying such intimate apparels altogether or wear them anyway but get under the covers in the quickest time possible.

However, one need not be so self-conscious when wearing lingerie. As long as a woman knows which type or style of lingerie to buy, it can help to accentuate her best parts while hiding those features that are not too flattering.

Start With Colors

If you do not know where to begin when buying lingerie, start by considering the colors. Certain colors can help you look desirable while others you should definitely stay away from. Generally, women tend to have certain parts of their body that they are reluctant to reveal. Therefore, if you are one of those who want to hide certain features, try to choose dark colors to cover those areas.

The trick is to divert attention away from your not so flattering parts to other areas that you are more comfortable in revealing. This can be achieved by having brighter colors for some areas or trimmings and accessories. For example, many intimate clothing have lacy patterns or color contrast bra cups which immediately draws attention to the cleavage. So, depending on your body type, you just need to select lingerie with the correct colors at the right places to make yourself look more desirable to your partner.


Not all women have sexy long legs to show. We may have flabby thighs that are better off hidden for those romantic moments. If this is your problem, one method is to make your partner focus on the top instead. Wearing a longish nightgown that reveals much of the top would most probably achieve this effect. For instance, look for lingerie with a plunging neckline that bares much of the shoulder with sexy spaghetti straps.

Alternatively, you can try lingerie with ruffled hem for the mini skirt. This is because ruffles tend to create a measure of width, which makes people see as coming from the skirt that you are wearing rather than your thighs. Therefore, it is best to avoid snug-fitting lingerie for the lower half if you have unflattering thighs. Try shopping for intimate clothing with wide skirt for the bottom instead.

On the other hand, if you have short legs, then you can try lingerie with high cut legs design to give an appearance of height. Revealing as much legs as possible will give an illusion of height and you can achieve this by wearing teddies, which tend to have a high cut bottom.


Not many women have flat tummies to show. So, if you do have a flabby tummy to hide when wearing lingerie, try out a garment with two colors. A bottom half with a dark color against a brighter top would automatically divert attention away from the tummy. Another option is to wear a babydoll with an empire waistline, which would easily conceal an unflattering tummy. It is also not necessary to wear sheer see through lingerie that can expose your abdomen at a glance if you are uncomfortable in revealing too much. Choose a style that is more modest instead.


For many women, wearing lingerie can make them really shy, especially those who do not have much cleavage to show. Therefore, if you have small breasts, you will need a garment that helps to provide lift. Many lingerie such as bustiers, babydolls, corsets and camisoles now come with underwire padded cups or even push-up bras. Alternatively, make your partner focus his attention on your lower half instead by revealing much of your bottom or legs.


G-strings and skimpy thongs can look really sexy on some but if you have a big derriere wearing them would be the last thing you should do. Instead cover it up by wearing lingerie that comes with tap pants or boy cut panty. Minimize your bottom instead of maximizing it with a skimpy underwear.


There are many styles of lingerie and choosing a right one can certainly make you look more appealing. Lingerie also need not be of sheer see though fabric if you are uncomfortable of revealing too much. Some women do prefer to be more modest and wearing a garment that leaves nothing to the imagination can make them feel out of place and awkward. At the end of the day, if you are buying lingerie, you will have to choose one that matches your body type as well as personality so that you will be comfortable putting it on.

Source by Jen Gibson